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The effect of machine learning predicted anharmonic frequencies 2024-06-24
  xLZIhDJeru 2024-06-25
Experimental two-dimensional infrared spectra of methyl thiocyanate 2024-06-24
  OZEueswBd 2024-06-25
Exceptions to Fourier's law at the macroscale 2024-06-24
  dKhpVkzIwGNT 2024-06-25
Point-of-care diagnosis of tissue fibrosis: a review of advances 2024-06-24
  OYICHUcLqMaRGrf 2024-06-25
Vibrational anisotropy decay resolves rare earth binding induced 2024-06-24
  TsqEtRFnHW 2024-06-25