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Sodium Carbonate ion complexes modify water structure at electrode 2024-07-08
Raman and Synchrotron X-ray Diffraction Studies of Cd2(C2H6N6)4(NO3) 2024-07-08
Quantitative phase imaging based on holography: trends and new perspectives 2024-07-08
Modeling of the Hydrogen Bond-Induced Frequency Shifts of the HOH 2024-07-08
Blueshift of the C=N stretching vibration of acetonitrile in solution: 2024-07-01
Conformational Stability and Vibrational Relaxation as a Function 2024-07-01
Local Crowd, Local Probe: Strengths and Drawbacks of Azidohomoalanine 2024-07-01
Structure and Dynamics of Milk Proteins Interacting with Caffeine 2024-07-01
Essential oils from fennel plants as valuable chemical products: 2024-07-01
Anionic Effects on Concentrated Aqueous Lithium Ion Dynamics 2024-07-01