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Title Coupled local mode method for simulating vibrational spectroscopy
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Coupled local mode method for simulating vibrational spectroscopy

Hanson, MD (Hanson, Matthew D.)Corcelli, SA (Corcelli, Steven A.)

Journal of Chemical Physics, 2022, Volume 157, 154103.

Experimental and theoretical studies have highlighted protonated water clusters (PWCs) as important models of the excess proton in aqueous systems. A significant focus has been characterizing the spectral signatures associated with different excess proton solvation motifs. Accurate vibrational frequency calculations are crucial for connecting the measured spectra to the structure of PWCs. In this paper, we extend and characterize a coupled local mode (CLM) approach for calculating the infrared spectra of PWCs using the H+(H2O)(4) cluster as a benchmark system. The CLM method is relatively low cost and incorporates the anharmonicity and coupling of OH vibrations. Here, we demonstrate the accuracy of the technique compared to experiments. We also illustrate the dependence of calculated spectral features on the underlying electronic structure theory and basis sets used in the local mode frequency and coupling calculations. Published under an exclusive license by AIP Publishing.